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  • The law must be stable, but it cannot stand still. — The law must be stable, but it cannot stand still. Roscoe Pound, The Philosophy of Law Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary. Gerald N. Hill, Kathleen Thompson Hill. 2009 …   Law dictionary

  • Stable isotope — Graph of isotopes/nuclides by type of decay. Orange and blue nuclides are unstable, with the black squares between these regions representing stable nuclides. The unbroken line passing below many of the nuclides represents the theoretical… …   Wikipedia

  • Stable marriage problem — In mathematics, the stable marriage problem (SMP) is the problem of finding a stable matching mdash; a matching in which no element of the first matched set prefers an element of the second matched set that also prefers the first element.It is… …   Wikipedia

  • Stable polynomial — A polynomial is said to be stable if either: * all its roots lie in the open left half plane, or * all its roots lie in the open unit disk.The first condition defines Hurwitz (or continuous time) stability and the second one Schur (or discrete… …   Wikipedia

  • Stable map — In mathematics, specifically in symplectic topology and algebraic geometry, one can construct the moduli space of stable maps, satisfying specified conditions, from Riemann surfaces into a given symplectic manifold. This moduli space is the… …   Wikipedia

  • stable — [[t]ste͟ɪb(ə)l[/t]] ♦♦ stabler, stablest, stables, stabling, stabled 1) ADJ GRADED If something is stable, it is not likely to change or come to an end suddenly. The price of oil should remain stable for the rest of 1992. ...a stable marriage.… …   English dictionary

  • Stable vices — are bad habits of equines, especially horses. They usually develop as a result of being confined with insufficient exercise. Vices can develop out of boredom or hunger, excess energy, isolation, and occasionally may be learned by observing other… …   Wikipedia

  • Stable storage — is a classification of computer data storage technology that guarantees atomicity for any given write operation and allows software to be written that is robust against some hardware and power failures. To be considered atomic, upon reading back… …   Wikipedia

  • stable — sta‧ble [ˈsteɪbl] adjective steady and not likely to move or change: • Japanese enterprises operate under relatively stable capital market conditions. • The key to growth and stable employment will be through improving the international… …   Financial and business terms

  • stable — stable1 [stā′bəl] adj. stabler, stablest [ME < OFr estable < L stabilis < stare, to STAND] 1. a) not easily moved or thrown off balance; firm; steady b) not likely to break down, fall apart, or give way; fixed c) firm in character, p …   English World dictionary

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