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  • supportable — UK US /səˈpɔːtəbl̩/ US  / ˈpɔːrṱə / adjective ► able to continue without problems: »Growth in the value of all company shares increased by 4.5% last year, nearly double the pace supportable in an economy growing at 2.5%. ► that can be shown to… …   Financial and business terms

  • supportable — support ► VERB 1) bear all or part of the weight of. 2) give assistance, encouragement, or approval to. 3) be actively interested in (a sports team). 4) provide with a home and the necessities of life. 5) be capable of sustaining (life). 6)… …   English terms dictionary

  • sup|port|a|bly — «suh PR tuh blee, POHR », adverb. in a supportable manner; so as to be supportable or endurable …   Useful english dictionary

  • lie — / lī/ vi lay / lā/, lain, / lān/, ly·ing: to be sustainable or capable of being maintained: have grounds under the law holding that an action of battery would lie Scott v. Bradford, 606 P.2d 554 (1979) remedies for misrepresentation...will not… …   Law dictionary

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