subchapter S corporation
subchapter S corporation n: s corporation at corporation

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subchapter S corporation
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Subchapter S Corporation
S-corporation, Also known as a Subchapter S Corporation.
An eligible domestic corporation that generally avoids double taxation (taxation at both the entity and stockholder level) by electing to be treated as an S-corporation and complying with certain requirements under the IRC (such as the number, type and residency of stockholders). An S-corporation is a "pass-through" entity for tax purposes, which means that it generally does not pay an entity level tax. Instead, the S-corporation's profits and losses generally pass through to its stockholders, who include their respective share of those items on their income tax returns (whether or not the profits or losses have been distributed).

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Subchapter S corporation

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subchapter S corporation
   the choice by a small corporation to be treated under "subchapter S" by the Internal Revenue Service, which allows the corporation to be treated like a partnership for taxation purposes. This may provide the benefit of passing losses (particularly in the early development of the business) to the stockholders. Technically the term "subchapter S corporation" is a misnomer since it is a normal corporation except for the election (choice) which is filed on a form provided by the IRS normally immediately after incorporation, which election can be withdrawn before the beginning of a future taxable year. This election is usually prepared and filed with the IRS by the company's accountant and not the incorporating attorney.
   See also: corporation

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