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  • Form of government — A system of government is a term that refers to the set of political institutions by which a government of a state is organized in order to exert its powers over a Community politics. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Head of government — This article focuses on the cases where the head of government is a separate office from the head of state. For information about countries where the two roles are combined, see Presidential system. The heads of government of five members of the… …   Wikipedia

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  • List of countries by date of transition to republican system of government — This is a list of European and Asian countries by date of their last transition from a monarchy to a republican form of government. There were two periods in recent history when most such transitions took place: * during or within five years… …   Wikipedia

  • Two Treatises of Government — Infobox Book name = Two Treatises of Government title orig = translator = image caption = Title page from the first edition author = John Locke illustrator = cover artist = country = England language = English series = subject = Political… …   Wikipedia

  • List of countries by system of government — This is a list of the countries categorised by system of government. Contents 1 Alphabetical list of countries 2 Map 3 Systems of Governance 3.1 Presidential/Separated republics …   Wikipedia

  • Staff of Government Division — The Staff of Government Division of the High Court of Justice (usually shorted to Staff of Government Division) is the Court of Appeal in the Isle of Man. It hears all appeals, both criminal and civil, from the High Court. It is the second… …   Wikipedia

  • Instrument of Government (1809) — The Instrument of Government, or Regeringsformen , adopted on June 6, 1809 by the Riksdag of the Estates was the constitution of Sweden from 1809 to 1974. It came about following the disastrous outcome in the Finnish War, when King Gustav IV… …   Wikipedia

  • National Union of Government Employees — In 1957 the National Union of Government Employees (NUGE), a former trade union in Trinidad and Tobago, was formed as a result of a merger between the Industrial and Railway Employees Trade Union, the Government Farm and Nursery Workers Trade… …   Wikipedia

  • Soviet republic (system of government) — A Soviet Republic is a system of government in which the whole state power belongs to the Soviets councils of employees. Although the term usually associated with communist states, it was not initially intended to represent only one political… …   Wikipedia

  • The Form of Apology and Satisfaction — of 1604 was a document drawn up by a House of Commons committee protesting against King James I s handling of recent political issues.For a variety of reasons King James I had upset many in the House of Commons in his first Parliament. These… …   Wikipedia

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