payment into court

payment into court
In litigation, the defendant may make an offer that he feels the plaintiff ought to accept. There is a procedure whereby this is "paid into court". If the plaintiff thereafter continues the proceedings, but obtains less damages than the amount paid into court, the defendant may demand that the plaintiff pay the legal costs arising after that offer.

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payment into court
A party’s depositing with the court money or other property while a lawsuit is in progress, after which the court will pay out the money and property according to the judgment or other settlement.

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payment into court
a payment by a defender in an action for debt or damages in attempted satisfaction of any or all of the plaintiff's claims. Payment into court may not be disclosed during trial except in an action to which a defence of tender before action is raised.

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payment into court
1) Money or property that is given to the court clerk to be distributed after a lawsuit is concluded. Typically, the person making payment into court is not involved in the lawsuit, but owes money or property to which the parties dispute ownership. For example, a customer might make payment into court for money owed a business partnership, if the partnership has dissolved and one partner is suing the other for ownership of the business's assets.
2) In landlord-tenant law, rent money that a tenant deposits with a court during a dispute with the landlord, often to avoid eviction.
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payment into court
A "payment into court" in litigation is money paid by or on behalf of a litigant to the Court Funds Office to hold pending resolution of the litigation. Such payments may be made as an interim payment, as security for costs, as a condition, as a sanction or otherwise under a court order. Before 6 April 2007 such payments could also be made in an attempt to resolve litigation (if made in accordance with Part 36). However, as of 6 April 2007 payments into court are no longer required under Part 36.

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payment into court
n. The payment of money or other property by a party to a proceeding into the care of the court for later distribution in accordance with the suit's settlement or the court's judgment.
See also interpleader.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

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