I (compel) verb actuate, apply pressure, assert oneself, bring about by force, bring pressure to bear upon, burden, cause to, charge, coerce, cogere, command, command influence, compel, compellere, decree, demand, dominate, drive, enforce, enforce obedience, exact, exert influence, force, goad, have influence, impel, impose, impose a duty, induce, insist, insist on, issue a command, leave no option, make necessary, move, move to action, necessitate, obligate, oblige, order, press, pressure, prevail upon, prod, propel, push, put pressure on, put under obligation, require, secure by force, squeeze, subject, take no denial, tell, urge, urge forward, work upon II (imprison) verb arrest, bind, bridle, chain, circumscribe, commit, commit to an institution, commit to prison, confine, confine forcibly, detain, enclose, enthrall, entomb, harness, hold, hold as hostage, hold back by force, hold captive, hold in restraint, immure, impound, incarcerate, institutionalize, intern, isolate, jail, keep as captive, keep in custody, keep in detention, keep prisoner, limit, manacle, put in a cell, put under arrest, put under restraint, restrain, restrict, send to prison, shackle, take captive, take into custody, trammel III (restrain) verb ban, bar, block, bridle, censor, chain, check, control, curb, debar, deny, disallow, forbid, hamper, harness, hinder, hold back, hold back by force, hold down, hold in, hold in check, impede, impose I restrictions, inhibit, keep back, keep in check, lay under restraint, limit, obstruct, oppress, preclude, prevent, prohibit, proscribe, put a stop to, put under restraint, refuse, refuse to grant, repress, restrain, restrict, restrict access, subdue, subjugate, suppress, withhold IV index allay, apprehend (arrest), arrest (apprehend), bind (obligate), bind (restrain), check (restrain), coerce, command, commit (institutionalize), compel, confine, constrict (inhibit), contain (restrain), control (restrain), debar, detain (restrain), disadvantage, enjoin, exact, foist, force (coerce), hinder, immure, impose (enforce), impose (subject), imprison, inhibit, jail, keep (restrain), limit, make, moderate (temper), pressure, require (compel), restrain, restrict, stay (halt), stifle, trammel, withhold

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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