I (act of putting to death) noun act of killing, act of slaying, assassination, bloodshed, death by violence, deathblow, destruction, disposal, doing away with, execution, extermination, homicide, killing, liquidation, massacre, murder II (message) noun aviso, bulletin, circular, communication, communique, correspondence, enlightenment, epistle, epistula, information, instruction, letter, litterae, mail, missive, monition, news, note, notice, notification, official correspondence, postal communication, report, statement, stream of correspondence, telegram III (promptness) noun alacrity, briskness, bustle, celerity, dash, depeche, diligence, excitation, expediousness, expedition, expeditious performance, fast rate, fastness, festinatio, feverish haste, flurry, haste, hastiness, hurry, immediateness, impetuosity, inability to wait, instantaneity, liveliness, lively pace, movement, nimbleness, precipitance, precipitancy, precipitation, precipitousness, promptitude, properatio, punctuality, punctualness, quick discharge, quick riddance, quickness, rapidity, readiness, rush, scramble, scurry, speed, speediness, speedy completion, speedy disposition, speedy transaction, spurt, suddenness, summariness, swift execution, swift rate, timeliness, urgency associated concepts: with all possible dispatch IV (dispose of) verb absolvere, accomplish, achieve, attain, bring about, bring off, bring to a conclusion, bring to an end, bring to pass, carry out, carry through, carry to completion, close, complete, conclude, conficere, consummate, deal with definitely, do the deed, effect, effectuate, execute, finish, fulfill, implement, make an end of, make final disposition of, perficere, perform, realize, see through, set at rest, succeed, work out V (put to death) verb assassinate, bring down, commit murder, coup de grace, cut down, deal a deathblow, deprive of life, destroy, dispose of, do away with, end, end life, execute, exterminate, give the deathblow, hasten one's end, interficere, interimere, kill, liquidate, make away with, massacre, murder, put an end to, put down, put out of the way, put to death, remove from life, slaughter, slay, take life, take one's life away VI (send off) verb address, detail, direct, expedite, fling, forward, get under way, hasten, hasten on, have conveyed, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, impart motion, impel, mittere, mobilize, move on, post, propel, push, push through, put in motion, remit, rush, rush off, send, send away, send forth, send through the mail, set going, ship, speed, speed along, speed on its way, transfer, transmit associated concepts: with all due dispatch VII index acceleration, accomplish, close (terminate), commission (act), complete, conduct, delegate, discharge (performance), discharge (perform), dismiss (discharge), displace (remove), eliminate (eradicate), execute (sentence to death), expedite, haste, hasten, intelligence (news), issuance, kill (defeat), kill (murder), note (brief comment), notice (announcement), notification, relegate, send, slay, story (narrative), transmit, transmittal, transport

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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