drink to excess

drink to excess
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Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • excess — n. 1) in excess of 2) to excess (to drink to excess) * * * [ ekses] in excess of to excess (to drink to excess) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • excess — ♦♦♦ excesses (The noun is pronounced [[t]ɪkse̱s[/t]]. The adjective is pronounced [[t]e̱kses[/t]].) 1) N VAR: with supp, usu a N of n An excess of something is a larger amount than is needed, allowed, or usual. An excess of houseplants in a small …   English dictionary

  • excess —   Pākela, koe, kaulele, uha uha.    ♦ To drink to excess, pākela inu.    ♦ To eat to excess, pākela ai, pake ai …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • drink — ► VERB (past drank; past part. drunk) 1) take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow. 2) consume alcohol, especially to excess. 3) (drink in) watch or listen eagerly to. ► NOUN 1) a liquid consumed as refreshm …   English terms dictionary

  • drink like a fish — To drink (usu alcohol) to excess • • • Main Entry: ↑fish * * * drink like a fish phrase to drink a lot of alcohol regularly Thesaurus: to drink alcohol, or to be drunksynonym Main entry: fish * * …   Useful english dictionary

  • drink — [driŋk] vt. drank, drunk or now informal Informal drank, drinking [ME drinken < OE drincan, akin to OHG trinkan, Goth drigkan < ? IE base * dhreĝ , to draw > Sans dhrájas , draft] 1. to take (liquid) into the mouth and swallow it 2. to… …   English World dictionary

  • Drink — (dr[i^][ng]k), v. i. [imp. {Drank} (dr[a^][ng]k), formerly {Drunk} (dr[u^][ng]k); & p. p. {Drunk}, {Drunken} ( n); p. pr. & vb. n. {Drinking}. Drunken is now rarely used, except as a verbal adj. in sense of habitually intoxicated; the form drank …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • drink-driving — is the form in BrE for the legal offence of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood; in AmE it is drunk driving (usually as two unhyphened words). The corresponding forms for the offender are drink driver and (again mostly… …   Modern English usage

  • drink-driving — ► NOUN Brit. ▪ the crime of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood …   English terms dictionary

  • drink — v. & n. v. (past drank; past part. drunk) 1 a tr. swallow (a liquid). b tr. swallow the liquid contents of (a vessel). c intr. swallow liquid, take draughts (drank from the stream). 2 intr. take alcohol, esp. to excess (I have heard that he… …   Useful english dictionary

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