I noun appropriate activity, assignment, business, chore, design, duty, employment, exploitation, mission, munus, occupation, office, officium, performance, purpose, pursuit, responsibility, role, task, usage, use, utility, work associated concepts: discretionary function, executive function, government function, judicial function, legislative function, political function, quasi-judicial function II verb achieve, act, act effectively, answer a purpose, avail, be effective, be in operation, be useful, benefit, carry on, carry out, effectuate, execute, have effect, manage, operate, perform, render a service, run, serve, work III index activity, agency (legal relationship), appointment (position), assignment (task), business (occupation), calling, capacity (job), charge (responsibility), demean (deport oneself), duty (obligation), employment, job, office, officiate, operate, operation, part (role), perform (execute), position (business status), post, province, purpose, pursuit (occupation), role, specialty (special aptitude), sphere, trade (occupation), use, utility (usefulness), work (employment)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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