I adjective adamant, immovable, implacabilis, inexorabilis, inexorable, inexpiable, inflexible, intransigent, irreconcilable, obdurate, obstinate, pitiless, relentless, unappeasable, unbending, uncompromising, unforgiving, unpacifiable, unpropitiating, unrelenting, unyielding, vindictive II index callous, cruel, immutable, inexorable, irreconcilable, malevolent, pertinacious, relentless, remorseless, resentful, ruthless, severe, unaffected (uninfluenced), unbending, uncompromising, unrelenting, vindictive

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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  • implacable — [ ɛ̃plakabl ] adj. • 1455; lat. implacabilis, de placare « apaiser » 1 ♦ Littér. Dont on ne peut apaiser la fureur, le ressentiment, la violence. ⇒ cruel, impitoyable, inflexible. D implacables ennemis. ⇒ acharné, 2. farouche. Haine implacable. 2 …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Implacable — Im*pla ca*ble, a. [L. implacabilis; pref. im not + placabilis: cf. F. implacable. See {Placable}.] 1. Not placable; not to be appeased; incapable of being pacified; inexorable; as, an implacable prince. [1913 Webster] I see thou art implacable.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • implacable — adjetivo 1. (antepuesto / pospuesto) Que no se puede aplacar o suavizar: Siento por ella un odio implacable. Una implacable tempestad agitaba el mar. Eres demasiado implacable en tus juicios, deberías ser un poco más flexible. Este país tiene un… …   Diccionario Salamanca de la Lengua Española

  • implacable — IMPLACABLE. adj. v. de tout genre. Qui ne se peut appaiser. C est un homme implacable. colere implacable. haine implacable …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

  • Implacable — «Implacable» Canción de Cuca Álbum La Invasión de los Blátidos Publicación 1992 Grab …   Wikipedia Español

  • implacable — (adj.) early 15c., from O.Fr. implacable, from L. implacabilis unappeasable, from assimilated form of in not, opposite of (see IN (Cf. in ) (1)) + placabilis easily appeased (see PLACATE (Cf. placate)). Related: Implacably …   Etymology dictionary

  • implacable — relentless, unrelenting, merciless, *grim Analogous words: *inflexible, inexorable, obdurate, adamant: pitiless, ruthless, compassionless (see corresponding nouns at SYMPATHY) Contrasted words: yielding, submitting, capitulating (see YIELD):… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • implacable — [adj] merciless, cruel grim, inexorable, inflexible, intractable, ironfisted, mortal, pitiless, rancorous, relentless, remorseless, ruthless, unappeasable, unbending, uncompromising, unflinching, unforgiving, unrelenting, unyielding, vindictive;… …   New thesaurus

  • implacable — (Del lat. implacabĭlis). adj. Que no se puede aplacar …   Diccionario de la lengua española

  • implacable — ► ADJECTIVE 1) unable to be appeased. 2) relentless; unstoppable. DERIVATIVES implacability noun implacably adverb …   English terms dictionary

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