I (final) adjective aftermost, climactic, climactical, closing, completive, completory, concluding, conclusive, conclusory, crowning, decisive, definitive, determinative, end, ending, endmost, extreme, farthest, final, finishing, furthest, hindermost, hindmost, outermost, permanent, rear, terminal, terminating, terminational, terminative, ultimate associated concepts: last clear chance, last known address, last residence, last will and testament II (preceding) adjective above, above-cited, above-mentioned, above-named, above-stated, aforegoing, aforementioned, aforesaid, antecedens, antecedent, ante, before mentioned, earlier, fore, foregoing, former, fresh, introductory, most recent, newest, past, precedent, cursory, prefatory, preliminary, preludial, preludious, prelusive, prelusory, previous, prior III verb be long-lived, be stable, be timeless, be consumed, be unexhausted, bide, carry on, continue rare, endure, exist, hang on, hold on, hold out, keep up, linger, live on, outlive, perdure, permanere, persevere, persist, prevail, prolong, protract, remain, remain firm, stay, stay on, subsist, survive, sustain, wait, withstand IV index continue (persevere), definitive, exist, extreme (last), final, keep (continue), persevere, persist, remain (continue), remain (stay), resist (withstand), stay (continue), subsist, ultimate, withstand

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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