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not definite
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  • definite — def|i|nite S3 [ˈdefınıt, ˈdefənıt] adj [Date: 1500 1600; : Latin; Origin: definitus, past participle of definire; DEFINE] 1.) clearly known, seen, or stated = ↑clear ▪ It s impossible for me to give you a definite answer. ▪ We need to record… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • definite — definite, definitely have useful roles as emphasizing words, and should not be dismissed too readily as superfluous: • His expression was bland, unreadable, but there was a definite glint in his eye that made her pulse begin to race E. Richmond,… …   Modern English usage

  • Definite Door — Single by The Posies from the album Frosting on the Beater Released 1994 …   Wikipedia

  • definite — [adj1] exact, clear audible, bold, categorical, clean cut, clear cut, clearly defined, complete, crisp, definitive, determined, distinct, distinguishable, downright, explicit, express, fixed, forthright, full, graphic, incisive, marked, minute,… …   New thesaurus

  • Not Without a Fight — Studio album by New Found Glory Released March 10, 2009 (see …   Wikipedia

  • definite — ► ADJECTIVE 1) clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful. 2) (of a person) certain about something. 3) known to be true or real. 4) having exact and discernible physical limits. DERIVATIVES definiteness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • Definite description — A definite description is a denoting phrase in the form of the X where X is a noun phrase or a singular common noun. The definite description is proper if X applies to a unique individual or object. For example: the first person in space and the… …   Wikipedia

  • Definite clause grammar — A definite clause grammar (DCG) is a way of expressing grammar, either for natural or formal languages, in a logic programming language such as Prolog. DCGs are usually associated with Prolog, but similar languages such as Mercury also include… …   Wikipedia

  • Definite assignment analysis — In computer science, definite assignment analysis is a data flow analysis used by compilers to conservatively ensure that a variable or location is always assigned to before it is used. Contents 1 Motivation 2 Terminology 3 The analysis …   Wikipedia

  • Definite pitch — In music and hearing, a sound or note of definite pitch is one of which it is possible or relatively easy to discern the pitch or frequency of the fundamental. Sounds with definite pitch have harmonic frequency spectra or close to harmonic… …   Wikipedia

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