qual·i·fied /'kwä-lə-ˌfīd/ adj
1: fitted (as by training or experience) for a given purpose or condition
2 a: being in compliance or accordance with specific requirements or conditions
a qualified voter
b: eligible under applicable requirements for favorable tax treatment (as exemption of funds from taxation until retirement)
a qualified pension plan
3: limited or modified in some way: less than absolute
qual·i·fied·ly /-ˌfī-əd-lē, -ˌfīd-lē/ adv

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (competent) adjective able, acceptable, accomplished, adapted, adept, adequate, apt, capable, deft, efficacious, eligible, entitled, equal to, equipped, experienced, expert, fit, knowing, licensed, practiced, proficient, skilled, skillful, suitable, trained, versed, well-suited, worthy, worthy of choice associated concepts: qualified applicant, qualified elector II (conditioned) adjective accommodatus, checked, circumscribed, circumstanced, conditional, contingent upon, controlled, curbed, decreased, defined, delimited, dependent, diminished, idoneus, limitary, limited, moderated, modified, not absolute, prerequisite, prescribed, provisional, provisionary, provisory, restricted, stipulatory, subject to terms associated concepts: qualified acceptance, qualified endorsement, qualified privilege, qualified right III index admissible, capable, competent, conditional, deft, dependent, desirable (qualified), eligible, entitled, expert, familiar (informed), fit, literate, practiced, professional (trained), proficient, sciential, suitable, veteran,

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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