I noun alternate, alternative, auxiliary, expedient, impermanent fixture, makeshift, means, measure, provisional measure, replacement, reserve, resort, substitute, substitution, succedaneum, temporary arrangement, temporary expedient, temporary substitute II index expedient, substitute, temporary

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • stopgap — [adj] temporarily helping Band Aid*, emergency, expedient, impromptu, improvised, makeshift, practical, provisional, rough andready*, rough and tumble*, substitute, temp, temporary, throwaway*; concepts 551,560 Ant. completed, finished, permanent …   New thesaurus

  • stopgap — [stäp′gap΄] n. a person or thing serving as a temporary substitute for another; makeshift adj. used as a stopgap SYN. RESOURCE …   English World dictionary

  • stopgap — 1680s, from STOP (Cf. stop) + GAP (Cf. gap) …   Etymology dictionary

  • stopgap — *makeshift, shift, expedient, *resource, resort, substitute, surrogate …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • stopgap — ► NOUN ▪ a temporary solution or substitute …   English terms dictionary

  • stopgap — [[t]stɒ̱pgæp[/t]] stopgaps N COUNT: oft N n A stopgap is something that serves a purpose for a short time, but is replaced as soon as possible. Gone are the days when work was just a stopgap between leaving school and getting married... Even if… …   English dictionary

  • stopgap — UK [ˈstɒpˌɡæp] / US [ˈstɑpˌɡæp] noun [countable] Word forms stopgap : singular stopgap plural stopgaps a person or thing that provides a temporary solution a stopgap measure …   English dictionary

  • stopgap — /stop gap /, n. 1. something that fills the place of something else that is lacking; temporary substitute; makeshift: Candles are a stopgap when the electricity fails. adj. 2. makeshift: This is only a stopgap solution. [1525 35; n., adj. use of… …   Universalium

  • stopgap — 1. adjective Temporary; short term. They put a stopgap solution in place, but need something more permanent. 2. noun A temporary measure or short term fix used until something better can be obtained …   Wiktionary

  • stopgap — 1. noun that old plane was merely a stopgap Syn: temporary solution/fix, expedient, makeshift; substitute, stand in, pinch hitter 2. adjective a stopgap measure Syn: temporary, provisional, interim, pro tem, short term, working, makeshif …   Thesaurus of popular words