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study book
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  • Book of Tobias —     Tobias     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Tobias     We shall first enumerate the various Biblical persons and then treat the book of this name.     I. PERSONS     A. Tobias (II Par., xvii, 8). Heb. tobyyahu Yahweh is good ; Sept. Tobias, one …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • study — [stud′ē] n. pl. studies [ME studie < OFr estudie < L studium, zeal, study < studere, to busy oneself about, apply oneself to, study, orig., prob., to aim toward, strike at, akin to tundere, to strike, beat < IE * (s)teud < base *… …   English World dictionary

  • Book burning — (a category of biblioclasm, or book destruction) is the practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, one or more copies of a book or other written material. In modern times, other forms of media, such as phonograph records, video tapes, and CDs… …   Wikipedia

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  • Study in Consciousness — is a book by Annie Besant that was written in ca. 1907.Besant intended this book to be a contribution to the science of psychology. She writes that the seed of consciousness is the tri atomic Atma Buddhi Manas, the Jivatma.The Super consciousness …   Wikipedia

  • Study of History — may refer to: *A Study of History, a 12 volume book by British historian Arnold J. Toynbee, finished in 1961 *Historiography, the study of history …   Wikipedia

  • book learning — [book′lôr΄] knowledge gained from reading or study rather than from practical experience book learned [book′lʉr΄nid] adj …   English World dictionary

  • book-mate — bookˈ mate noun (Shakespeare) A companion in study, a schoolfellow • • • Main Entry: ↑book …   Useful english dictionary

  • book|ish|ness — «BUK ihsh nihs», noun. 1. a fondness for books or study; learning. 2. knowledge only from books: »Diderot despised mere bookishness (John Morley) …   Useful english dictionary

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