tranquil mind

tranquil mind
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  • tranquil — adjective Etymology: Middle English tranquill, from Latin tranquillus Date: 15th century 1. a. free from agitation of mind or spirit < a tranquil self assurance > b. free from disturbance or turmoil < a tranquil scene > 2. unvarying in aspect ; …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Aristotle: Aesthetics and philosophy of mind — David Gallop AESTHETICS Aesthetics, as that field is now understood, does not form the subjectmatter of any single Aristotelian work. No treatise is devoted to such topics as the essential nature of a work of art, the function of art in general,… …   History of philosophy

  • Inexcitability — (Roget s Thesaurus) >Absence of excitability, or of excitement. < N PARAG:Inexcitability >N GRP: N 1 Sgm: N 1 inexcitability inexcitability imperturbability inirritability Sgm: N 1 even temper even temper tranquil mind dispassion Sgm: N… …   English dictionary for students

  • calm — adj Calm, tranquil, serene, placid, peaceful, halcyonmean quiet and free from all that disturbs or excites. Calm is primarily applied to sea or weather, usually conveys an implicit contrast with its opposite, stormy, and suggests freedom, real or …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Raja Yoga — Rāja Yoga ( royal yoga , royal union , also known as Classical Yoga or simply Yoga) is one of the six orthodox (astika) schools of Hindu philosophy, outlined by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. Raja yoga is concerned principally with the cultivation …   Wikipedia

  • Mogok Sayadaw (Venerable Sayadawgyi U Wimala) — Mogok Sayadaw U Vimala Religion Buddhism School Theravada Personal Nationality Myanmar Born 27 December 1899( …   Wikipedia

  • Rob Nairn — (Robert G. Nairn) is a South African Buddhist teacher, author and populariser. He is a follower of Tibetan Buddhism, in the Karma Kagyu lineagecite web|url= func=viewpub tid=10 pid=22|title=Rob… …   Wikipedia

  • composure — I noun aequus animus, aplomb, balance, calm, calmness, command of one s faculties, command of temper, complacence, constraint, content, contentment, control, equability, equanimity, equilibrium, evenness, forbearance, fortitude, harmony,… …   Law dictionary

  • Science and mathematics from the Renaissance to Descartes — George Molland Early in the nineteenth century John Playfair wrote for the Encyclopaedia Britannica a long article entitled ‘Dissertation; exhibiting a General View of the Progress of Mathematics and Physical Science, since the Revival of Letters …   History of philosophy

  • composure — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) n. placidity, serenity, self possession, calmness. See repose, inexcitability.Ant., agitation. II (Roget s IV) n. Syn. calmness, equanimity, serenity, self possession, calm, collectedness, nonchalance,… …   English dictionary for students

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