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  • will — I n. desire 1) to impose one s will (on) 2) to implement the will (of the majority) 3) the will to + inf. (the will to survive) 4) (misc.) a clash of (strong) wills; against smb. s will; with a will (to work with the will to succeed) attitude 5)… …   Combinatory dictionary

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  • validate — val|i|date [ˈvælıdeıt] v [T] 1.) formal to prove that something is true or correct, or to make a document or agreement officially and legally acceptable = ↑confirm ▪ The Supreme Court has validated the lower court s interpretation of the law. ▪… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • probate — pro·bate 1 / prō ˌbāt/ n [Latin probatum, neuter of probatus, past participle of probare to test, approve, prove] 1 a: the process of proving in a court of competent jurisdiction (as a probate court) that an instrument is the valid last will and… …   Law dictionary

  • Testamentary capacity — Wills, trusts and estates …   Wikipedia

  • confirm — [kən fʉrm′] vt. [ME confermen < OFr confermer < L confirmare < com , intens. + firmare, to strengthen < firmus, FIRM1] 1. to make firm; strengthen; establish; encourage 2. to make valid by formal approval; ratify 3. to prove the truth …   English World dictionary

  • Quantum digital signature — A Quantum Digital Signature (QDS) refers to the quantum mechanical equivalent of either a classical digital signature or, more generally, a handwritten signature on a paper document. Like a handwritten signature, a digital signature is used to… …   Wikipedia

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