venture capital

venture capital
venture capital see capital

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venture capital
index capitalize (provide capital)

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venture capital
Funds invested in companies to finance new activities. Typically the investment will include a substantial element of capital invested in ordinary shares (equity) so that the investor's return will include a share of the overall growth in the business. As distinct from borrowing, the investor only recovers his investment if the company realises growth in the value of its shares. If the company fails the investor loses his money.

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venture capital
Funding for a new business that involves risk but has potential for great profits. See also joint venture

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venture capital
In Europe, a type of private equity which is used to invest in companies in the early stages of their development. However, in the US private equity and venture capital are regarded as separate investments.
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+ venture capital
An equity investment in start-up or turn around private companies with significant growth potential in the form of equity or convertible debt or equity instruments. Venture capital is usually used as seed money for new ventures with the end goal of an initial public offering or private sale of the company at substantial profit. Investors in venture capital funds may be private equity funds, investment banks and companies, institutional investors and wealthy individuals.

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