I noun cunctatio, cunctation, dalliance, deceleration, deferment, demurral, detainment, detention, dilatoriness, impediment, intermission, interruption, lag, lateness, cessatio, mora, moratorium, pause, postponement, procrastination, prolongation, prorogation, putting off, retardation, setback, slowness, stall, stay, suspension, tardiness, tarriance, wait associated concepts: dilatory motions foreign phrases:
- De morte hominis nulla est cunctatio longa. — When the death of a human being may be concerned, no delay is considered long
- Justitia non est neganda, non differenda — Justice is neither to be denied nor delayed.
- Dilationes in lege sunt odiosae. — Delays are odious to the law.
II verb adjourn, arrest, arrest temporarily, be dilatory, block, bring to a standstill, curb, defer, detain, detinere, hamper, hinder, hold, hold back, hold in abeyance, hold over, hold up, impede, impede the progress of, interfere, intermit, keep back, keep from proceeding, keep one waiting, keep pending, lay over, linger, loiter, make inactive, obstruct, postpone, prevent, prolong, protract, put off, remit, retard, set back, shelve, slacken, slow, slow down, slow up, stall, stall for time, stand in the way, stay, stop, stymie, table, tardare, tarry, temporize associated concepts: accidental delays, damages for delay, delay beyond the seller's control, delay occasioned by the defendant, delayed compensation, dilatory delay, excusable delay, excuse for delay, hinder and delay, inexcusable delay, justifiable delay, laches, unavoidable delay, unreasonable delay, without delay III index abeyance, adjourn, arrest (stop), balk, block, cessation (interlude), check (bar), check (restrain), constrict (inhibit), continue (adjourn), curb, damper (stopper), defer (put off), deferment, detain (restrain), discontinue (break continuity), doubt (hesitate), extension (postponement), filibuster, halt, hamper, hesitate, hesitation, hiatus, impede, inhibit, interrupt, interruption, keep (restrain), laches, moratorium, obstacle, obstruct, pause (noun), pause (verb), postpone, prevent, procrastinate, protract (prolong), remain (stay), reprieve, stall, stay, stay (halt), stop, suspend

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

failure to perform on time.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.


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