I noun abatement, act of crumbling, act of dwindling, act of falling away, act of lessening, act of losing ground, act of shrinking, act of slipping back, act of wasting away, act of weakening, act of worsening, atrophy, backward step, cheapening, collapse, consumption, contraction, corrosion, corruption, decadency, decay, decrease, decrement, decrepitude, decurrence, deflation, degeneracy, degenerateness, degeneration, deminutio, depreciation, descension, descent, deterioration, devaluation, dilapidation, diminishing, dissolution, downfall, downgrade, downhill, downtrend, downturn, downward inclination, downward incline, downward trend, drop, ebb, enfeeblement, erosion, failing, fall, falling away, falling-off, gradual crumbling, gradual impairment, lessening, loss, loss of value, lowering, marcescence, pejoration, period of decrease, plunge, recession, regress, regression, relapse, retreat, retroaction, retrocession, retrogradation, retrogression, reversion, ruin, setback, shrinkage, sinkage, sinking, slump, subsidence, wane associated concepts: spoilage, waste II (fall) verb come down, decay, degenerate, deteriorate, drop, drop in strength, ebb, fall, lapse, stoop, trend downward, wane, wither associated concepts: decline in price III (reject) verb abnegate, abstain, eschew, excuse oneself, hold back, rebuff, recusare, refuse, refuse to accept, renounce, renueve, repel, repudiate, resist, spurn, turn away, turn down, veto associated concepts: decline an appointment, decline to accept an offer IV index abate (lessen), abatement (reduction), avoid (evade), caducity, curtailment, damage, decay, decrease (noun), decrease (verb), deduction (diminution), degenerate, degradation, depreciate, depress, depression, deteriorate, disavow, disdain, dismiss (put out of consideration), disoblige, dissent (withhold assent), ebb, end (termination), expense (sacrifice), fail (lose), forbear, forgo, forswear, languish, lapse (expiration), lessen, loss, rebuff, refrain, refuse, reject, relapse (noun), relapse (verb), renounce, repudiate, spurn, subside

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006


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