I verb ban, bar, block, check, command not to do, debar, declare illegal, deny, deny permission, deprive, deter, disallow, disapprove, discountenance, discourage, enjoin, exclude, forfend, hinder, impede, inhibit, interdicere, interdict, make forbidden, not allow, obstruct, oppose, order not to do, outlaw, preclude, prevent, prohibit, proscribe, put under an injunction, refuse, refuse approval, refuse consent, refuse to allow, refuse to authorize, refuse to give permission, refuse to permit, render impossible, restrain, restrict, stop, taboo, vetare, veto, withhold consent, withhold permission associated concepts: disallow a claim, mala prohibita, prohibit by an administrative agency, prohibition foreign phrases:
- Qui non prohibet id quod prohibere potest assentire videtur. — He who does not forbid what he is able to prevent, is deemed to assent
II index ban, bar (exclude), bar (hinder), block, censor, clog, condemn (ban), constrain (restrain), debar, deny (refuse to grant), deter, enjoin, estop, forestall, forewarn, gainsay, halt, inhibit, interdict, interfere, obstruct, preclude, prevent, prohibit, proscribe (prohibit), reject, renounce, repel (drive back), restrain, restrict, stay (halt), stop, withhold

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006