con·vict 1 /kən-'vikt/ vt [Latin convictus past participle of convincere to find guilty, prove, from com - with, together + vincer to conquer]: to find guilty of a criminal offense
was convict ed of fraud compare acquit
con·vict 2 /'kän-ˌvikt/ n: a person convicted of and serving a sentence for a crime

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I noun accused, accused person, bad example, captive, condemned person, condemned prisoner, criminal, crook, culprit, defaulter, defendant, delinquent, desperado, desperate criminal, escapee, evildoer, felon, first offender, fugitive, guilty man, guilty person, inmate, internee, jail inmate, lawbreaker, malefactor, malevolent, malfeasant, malfeasor, miscreant, misdemeanant, misfeasor, offender, outlaw, parolee, prisoner, prisoner at the bar, prisoner behind bars, prisoner of state, public enemy, recidivist, recreant, reprobate, rogue, scoundrel, sinner, thief, transgressor, villain, wrongdoer associated concepts: certificate of relief from disabilities II verb attaint, bring to justice, call to account, cast blame upon, censure, condemn, condemn after judicial investigation, declare guilty of an offense, denounce, denunciate, doom, find against, find guilty, find liable, give a guilty verdict, hold liable, hold responsible, impose a penalty on, inflict a penalty on, inflict punishment, pass censure on, pass sentence on, penalize, prescribe punishment, pronounce judgment, pronounce sentence, punish, put the blame on, sentence, utter judicial sentence against associated concepts: convict of a crime, convict of wrongdoing, sentence III index captive, condemn (punish), criminal, felon, hoodlum, inmate, lawbreaker, malefactor, outlaw, prisoner, recidivist, sentence

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

For a court to find someone guilty of a crime.
One who has been found by a court to be guilty of a crime.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

1) To find or prove someone guilty of a crime or offense after a court trial.
2) A person who has been convicted of a crime and is serving a sentence.
Category: Small Claims Court & Lawsuits

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

1 n. One whom a court has determined is guilty of an offense, either by accepting a valid guilty plea from the individual or upon a verdict of guilty by a judge or jury.
2 v. To prove or officially find a person to be guilty of an offense.
3 n. One serving a prison sentence.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

To adjudge an accused person guilty of a crime at the conclusion of a criminal prosecution, or after the entry of a plea of guilty or a plea of nolo contendere. An individual who has been found guilty of a crime and, as a result, is serving a sentence as punishment for the act; a prisoner.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

To adjudge an accused person guilty of a crime at the conclusion of a criminal prosecution, or after the entry of a plea of guilty or a plea of nolo contendere. An individual who has been found guilty of a crime and, as a result, is serving a sentence as punishment for the act; a prisoner.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

   1) v. to find guilty of a crime after a trial.
   2) n. a person who has been convicted of a felony and sent to prison.

Law dictionary. . 2013.


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